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Posted by dokidok on June 9, 2008

Definition for looser: a person who doesn’t try and do whatever he/she wants. It could be due to religious, family, or self esteem issues.

It’s important to destinguish between a person who has never tried to do something and person who tried but didn’t succeed from the first attempt. The first person is a looser, the second just didn’t make it one time.

The 3 tips are:

1. Give it a try. Do it! It doesn’t hurt if you shoot and don’t hit the bullseye at the first try. Remember. There are still many bullets in your shotgun. And also you are still not experienced. Give your self some time to learn how to do something properly.

2. Challenge yourself everyday with small tasks, e.g. if you want to say Hi! to the girl besides you in the subway say it. It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t cost anything. Another example: if you were afraid to talk to your boss, next time say to him/her Hi! How are you today?, and than smile. It’s that simple. There are so many things you can do: joint a dancing class, swimming class, gym, start your own blog, book a vacation, sell your old house and buy a new one and so on. Life is beautiful, but you gotta find your way.

3. Don’t be afraid to say and do what you like. Life is too short to compromise with our own time and feelings. Be yourself. The feeling is great.


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