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Posted by dokidok on March 19, 2008

1. Stop worrying NOW. Worrying about your next projects, tasks, and everyday problems doesn’t help to deal with them. It only decreases your productivity.

2. Understand the main concept. Life is dynamic. Everyday is different and brings some nice surprises (less often) and some difficult moments (way more often). You gotta know that already! Stop complaining. Learn how to deal with the situations that make you feel anxious.

3. Keep in mind that even if you find a solution to all the problems you have today, there will be some more tomorrow. Don’t get frustrated. Problems are part of normal life. Try to solve them in an organized and well planned fashion.

What is the point of worrying today if there will be so many other things to worry about tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and every other day after. Do your best today and don’t worry about tomorrow. When tomorrow comes do again your best and don’t think about the day after. By doing that, you will always have a day full with joy and happiness, and you will be able to finish all your tasks on time.


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Posted by dokidok on March 5, 2008

Photo courtesy of  gonzales2010Anytime when somebody says bad words to you, use these simple steps:

1. Get close to him/her, closer than normal conversation. Look in the eyes. Stay calm. Don’t say anything. Go away. If that fails, continue with step 2.

2. Question this person. Why? Why did you say that? What do you mean by that? Do you feel better saying that to me? Keep questioning until he/she is totally confused. Don’t let them speak. Don’t give them chance to take over. Keep on asking questions. Who do you think you are (this is a little bit rude, but it depends on the situation, it might be acceptable too)? I don’t let anybody talk to me like that. If that fails continue with step 3.

3. Refer the matter to a higher authority. Don’t loose your confidence and the calm tone of speaking. Don’t raise your voice. Just say: OK, I did the right thing following the protocol and talking to you first. It seems like it doesn’t work and I have to proceed and refer the case to a higher authority. Goodbye!

Tip: It’s better if you talk only two of you. If there are other people around, they can interrupt the conversation. Be very quick. Don’t let the other person to pull him/herself together. Don’t forget that at the end the only thing that matters is you, your family and your close friends (I don’t have friends yet). So, who cares for that toxic person. Don’t let the bad words hurt you. Don’t take it personally. Let it go and keep doing your best this day.

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Posted by dokidok on February 22, 2008

Photo courtesy of  visualpanic1. Do everything at the right time. For example, if you made your plan to go to the gym 5.00 o’clock and come back home 6.30, follow exactly this schedule. Don’t change it. If you planned to go to bed 10.00 p.m., go to bed exactly this time.

2. Give yourself a little bit more time to prepare before going to work, library, gym, restaurant, in other words everywhere. Giving yourself more time to prepare properly will reduce your daily hassle and anxiety.

3. Even if you are late, don’t run. Stop. Take a deep breath. Relax. Continue doing your work with the same productive pace as the time when you had plenty of time. Think more about organizing and following your primary plans than rushing and racing.

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Posted by dokidok on February 19, 2008

Photo courtesy of mtyto1. When you feel totally exhausted doing push ups, do one more.

2. When you feel tired of studying, remember one more fact or read one more page.

3. By doing one more you increase your productivity with 1 more every day, and with 365 every year. Isn’t that amazing! There will be days, when you will do 2-3 more reps of the exercise, or you will read 5-6 more pages. That means that by the end of the year, you will be close to 1000 times more things done in any particular task.

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Posted by dokidok on February 8, 2008

1. Trick your brain and body. Try to convince them, that the exam is going to be sooner, than the real date. For example, if you have 5 months to prepare, think that you have only 1 month. It works.

2. Learn one more fact, only one more, but every day. Even after your studying for the day is done, try to read a little bit more before dinner, before you go to bed, before you brush you teeth. Few sentences aren’t going to interrupt significantly your rest. In a long run that will help you a lot. Just think about it. One new fact every day, and for three months you will know a hundred more, compare to the day when you started. 

3. Don’t loose your focus. Learn how to Trick your brain and body. That will help you a lot. Also, lower your Internet use, blogging, phone calls and try to keep your mind clear of stress and negative thoughts.

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Posted by dokidok on January 27, 2008

Photo Courtesy of mdezemeryRemember! No matter what happens in your life always stay positive.

1. Convert every negative thought into positive one.

2. Lough. Lough a lot. Lough on everything that makes you feel angry and miserable.

3. Don’t let the negative emotions and behaviour of other people to change your mood. The best way is to give them “time out”.

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Posted by dokidok on January 25, 2008

Photo courtesy of visualpanicTones of thoughts are coming to our mind. You don’t need all of them. 99% are garbage. Can you stop them and increase your productivity.

1. Be ready! When you catch a stream of negative thoughts, stop for 10 seconds, realized that there is a bad traffic in your brain, and shut them off.

2. Remind yourself. Put down on a piece of paper: I am going to be attacked by the negative thoughts (nt) many times, and I am ready for them.

3. Go back to work. That will make you think in the right direction and your productivity will be back to notmal. Don’t forget to be ready and shut off the nt constantly.

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Posted by dokidok on January 24, 2008

After you start doing it, for better results:

1. Push yourself. If you can do 10 push-ups, try to do 20. On the next day do 30 and so on. Push-ups are just an example. You can do it with any task.

2. Keep the pace. If you catch yourself slowing down, get 10 minutes rest. Think about what you are doing, and start again until you finish your plan for the day.

3. Don’t let your day end without achieving at least 85% of your plan. That’s why you have to push yourself and keep the most productive speed during the whole time.

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Posted by dokidok on January 21, 2008

Sometimes we spend more time preparing to do a task, than doing it.

How to do it:

1. Start doing the task NOW.

2. Do it NOW.

3. Are you still reading this page?

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Posted by dokidok on January 21, 2008

I want to simplify even more.

1. Do only one thing at a time.

2. Focus on what you’re doing.

3. Be persistent on being focused.

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