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Posted by dokidok on October 27, 2008

One word is enough to ruin your day. One sentence is enough to screw up the whole year. How is that possible? They say, everything is in your head. Is it true? Yes, it is. You make yourself sad, unhappy, useless, stupid, fat, ugly, looser, the list is countless. Most of the time you make the choice how you feel, based on the words other people say to you. Why? Because humans are built in this way. The humans need constant approval from other humans. They also need to feel important by having better job, bigger house, new car, nice looking girlfriend, etc. So, what is the first step you can take in order to keep your internal comfort. The first thing you can do is to stop the flow of negative and useless words to your brain. You don’t need them. There are three ways:

1. Avoid the non-approvals, toxic and negative people in your life. If you cannot avoid them completely, depends on the situation you can make the toxic person feel unsecure or learn how to shut off your brain.

2. Plug your ears, which can be achieved by buying ear plugs, headphones, and many other devices to muffle the incoming words. I don’t recommend this way. It is easy, but cannot be used in all situations.

3. Learn how to ignore the words that generate negative thoughts in your brain. Even if you hear them, don’t let them proceed to your nerve synapses and to pass the impulse to another neuron. Execute the negative thought instantaneously. I call that technique “shut off your brain”. The brain is not plugged in. No wire, no problems. There are three simple steps how to shut off your brain.

  • 3.1. When you here that negative words right away start thinking about something different: your vacation, the new song you like, your dog, last party, in other words anything that comes to your mind, that will distract your brain from the words just said. The new picture that your bring to your brain will replace eventually the thoughts generated by the negative words. It works, trust me.
  • 3.2. If it is too late for that, prepare yourself with a good mantra. For example: “I am happy person and I like myself”, or “No matter what people say I know who I am”. You can use anything, even non sense mantras like: “The sky is blue, the grass is green, and I am a happy penguin”. By repeating the mantra you keep your brain in a constant positive state, and by doing that you protect yourself from any new information coming in.
  • 3.3. If the situation is really out of control, leave as fast as you can. You don’t need to be exposed to negative words for long time, especially if you are not experience yet. You will have another situation to practice again. Toxic people are part of live. You gotta learn how to deal with them.

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Posted by dokidok on June 9, 2008

Many people go to school, work, get married, buy houses and cars, bring up kids, travel, make their will and finally die. Many of these people don’t like their job, got married not for the right person, don’t even like their big new house (5 bedrooms for 2 people…common…this is too much), don’t enjoy their vacation anymore because they forgot how to have fun in their life. That happens because of one big mistake people usually make in the very beginning of their personal and professional life (I believe that the professional unhappiness can screw up your personal life big time. The other way around exists too, but not very often).

These people didn’t spend enough time to find out what they really want to do with their lives. How often can you hear people saying that they don’t like their job, but it pays the bills. This is so sad. Why do you go to work and spend 8 hours of your life doing something you don’t like. Why? Why did you do that to yourself. And in the moments when you feel upset you tend to blame the system, the president, the neighbor, the aliens, anybody else but not yourself. What can you do if you are one of these unhappy people:

1. Stop! It is not too late to stop. You don’t want to look back when you are 65-70 years old and say to yourself, “what if”, do you? It is not too late to stop. Do it now!

2. Ask yourself the question: what do you really want to do in order to make yourself, your family, and friends happy. Make up your mind on time and try to find out what do you really like and enjoy doing. Don’t wait too much until you get stuck forever. The time is the most precious thing in the world. Don’t waste it, use it.

3. Open your eyes and look around yourself. Life is beautiful, but you are the only person on Earth that can make it beautiful for you and your family.

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Posted by dokidok on May 27, 2008

Photo courtesy of geniusgene1. Talk to at least one person you don’t know.

2. Smile to 5 people you don’t know.

3. Talk to somebody who is higher in the work hierarchy and you were avoiding to talk before.

If you use that simples 3 steps you will probably see that the law of attraction works.

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Posted by dokidok on March 19, 2008

1. Stop worrying NOW. Worrying about your next projects, tasks, and everyday problems doesn’t help to deal with them. It only decreases your productivity.

2. Understand the main concept. Life is dynamic. Everyday is different and brings some nice surprises (less often) and some difficult moments (way more often). You gotta know that already! Stop complaining. Learn how to deal with the situations that make you feel anxious.

3. Keep in mind that even if you find a solution to all the problems you have today, there will be some more tomorrow. Don’t get frustrated. Problems are part of normal life. Try to solve them in an organized and well planned fashion.

What is the point of worrying today if there will be so many other things to worry about tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and every other day after. Do your best today and don’t worry about tomorrow. When tomorrow comes do again your best and don’t think about the day after. By doing that, you will always have a day full with joy and happiness, and you will be able to finish all your tasks on time.

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Posted by dokidok on January 27, 2008

Photo Courtesy of mdezemeryRemember! No matter what happens in your life always stay positive.

1. Convert every negative thought into positive one.

2. Lough. Lough a lot. Lough on everything that makes you feel angry and miserable.

3. Don’t let the negative emotions and behaviour of other people to change your mood. The best way is to give them “time out”.

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