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Posted by dokidok on June 19, 2008

1. Be patient. The good things happen slowly. It takes lots of time and efforts. You must know since the beginning that it is going to take a lot of time, money, energy, and different type of sacrifices.

2. Be ready for some not that perfect moments. Don’t let the negative thoughts to mess up your mind. There will be countless days when you are going to feel down or upset or you just wont be able to picture your feature clearly. Relax! This is part of the game. What can you do? Many things: get drunk, go out clubbing, dance, make love after. On the next day you gonna have terrible headache, but you will feel somehow better. Believe me. It works. The brain needs break.

3. BE PERSISTENT. OK, this is the biggy one. No matter what happens, no matter how many times you feel like quiting, no matter how far it is…the only way to achieve your goal is to keep working hard on it. Follow your plan and one day all the hard work and sacrifices will be paid off. Trust me!


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Posted by dokidok on June 9, 2008

Definition for looser: a person who doesn’t try and do whatever he/she wants. It could be due to religious, family, or self esteem issues.

It’s important to destinguish between a person who has never tried to do something and person who tried but didn’t succeed from the first attempt. The first person is a looser, the second just didn’t make it one time.

The 3 tips are:

1. Give it a try. Do it! It doesn’t hurt if you shoot and don’t hit the bullseye at the first try. Remember. There are still many bullets in your shotgun. And also you are still not experienced. Give your self some time to learn how to do something properly.

2. Challenge yourself everyday with small tasks, e.g. if you want to say Hi! to the girl besides you in the subway say it. It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t cost anything. Another example: if you were afraid to talk to your boss, next time say to him/her Hi! How are you today?, and than smile. It’s that simple. There are so many things you can do: joint a dancing class, swimming class, gym, start your own blog, book a vacation, sell your old house and buy a new one and so on. Life is beautiful, but you gotta find your way.

3. Don’t be afraid to say and do what you like. Life is too short to compromise with our own time and feelings. Be yourself. The feeling is great.

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Posted by dokidok on June 9, 2008

1. You must have a dream (dream work, dream wife, dream house, dream hobby, dream vacation…anything you can dream about). Whatever your dream is, even if it’s bizarre, it’s your own dream and that’s why is so important.

If you are not following your dreams, there is a risk that you can be one of the unhappy people. Be careful!

2. You have to imagine your dream.

3. You have to find the right way, tools, and people to achieve that dream.

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Posted by dokidok on June 9, 2008

Many people go to school, work, get married, buy houses and cars, bring up kids, travel, make their will and finally die. Many of these people don’t like their job, got married not for the right person, don’t even like their big new house (5 bedrooms for 2 people…common…this is too much), don’t enjoy their vacation anymore because they forgot how to have fun in their life. That happens because of one big mistake people usually make in the very beginning of their personal and professional life (I believe that the professional unhappiness can screw up your personal life big time. The other way around exists too, but not very often).

These people didn’t spend enough time to find out what they really want to do with their lives. How often can you hear people saying that they don’t like their job, but it pays the bills. This is so sad. Why do you go to work and spend 8 hours of your life doing something you don’t like. Why? Why did you do that to yourself. And in the moments when you feel upset you tend to blame the system, the president, the neighbor, the aliens, anybody else but not yourself. What can you do if you are one of these unhappy people:

1. Stop! It is not too late to stop. You don’t want to look back when you are 65-70 years old and say to yourself, “what if”, do you? It is not too late to stop. Do it now!

2. Ask yourself the question: what do you really want to do in order to make yourself, your family, and friends happy. Make up your mind on time and try to find out what do you really like and enjoy doing. Don’t wait too much until you get stuck forever. The time is the most precious thing in the world. Don’t waste it, use it.

3. Open your eyes and look around yourself. Life is beautiful, but you are the only person on Earth that can make it beautiful for you and your family.

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Posted by dokidok on February 19, 2008

Photo courtesy of mtyto1. When you feel totally exhausted doing push ups, do one more.

2. When you feel tired of studying, remember one more fact or read one more page.

3. By doing one more you increase your productivity with 1 more every day, and with 365 every year. Isn’t that amazing! There will be days, when you will do 2-3 more reps of the exercise, or you will read 5-6 more pages. That means that by the end of the year, you will be close to 1000 times more things done in any particular task.

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