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Posted by dokidok on June 19, 2008

1. Be patient. The good things happen slowly. It takes lots of time and efforts. You must know since the beginning that it is going to take a lot of time, money, energy, and different type of sacrifices.

2. Be ready for some not that perfect moments. Don’t let the negative thoughts to mess up your mind. There will be countless days when you are going to feel down or upset or you just wont be able to picture your feature clearly. Relax! This is part of the game. What can you do? Many things: get drunk, go out clubbing, dance, make love after. On the next day you gonna have terrible headache, but you will feel somehow better. Believe me. It works. The brain needs break.

3. BE PERSISTENT. OK, this is the biggy one. No matter what happens, no matter how many times you feel like quiting, no matter how far it is…the only way to achieve your goal is to keep working hard on it. Follow your plan and one day all the hard work and sacrifices will be paid off. Trust me!


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