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Posted by dokidok on June 6, 2008

Photo courtesy of deleepgeorge1. If you feel lack of motivation don’t look around for a remedy. Reading motivational blogs and hacks will not help you much. It will confuse you even more. Also, reading motivational and GTD blogs is a tremendous waste of time, helping some smart on-line gurus to make money selling dreams.

Find your own way to stay focused. The only cure so far is to keep working on your project until one day you overcome the apathy and boredom.

2. Limit the use of Internet for any other purposes different than your current goal. Set up a time of the day for checking your e-mails and social networks.

3. Work on your project thoroughly. At the end of the day you have to have the feeling of satisfaction.

Think positive and imagine yourself in a better position after you are done with your goal. That will give you additional freshness and motivation.


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