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Posted by dokidok on April 4, 2008

Photo courtesy of Love and LuckEverybody knows how to make a TO-DO list. It is also easy to follow. It works for me, but I realized that I need a small addition to that list, a second list named NOT TO-DO.

I noticed that I have more problems with my NOT TO-DO list. But what is NOT TO-DO list? In that list I put everything I don’t need to do for the day, but I usually do and waste time, like browsing for hours, checking and editing my other blog, my e-mails, my facebook, and so forth. Few tips how to make and follow your NOT TO-DO list.

1. Make your TO-DO list first and estimate how many hours it is going to take.

2. Make your NOT TO-DO list and keep it on a piece of paper in front of you or on your desktop. Anytime when you feel tempted to do something from the NOT TO-DO list look at it. Read it once, twice, as many times as you want, than read again your TO-DO list and focus on your work.

3. Set up a time of the day when you can use the NOT-DO list. It must be after you finish your TO-DO list. I know, sometimes it is so difficult. For example, you just post a new article on your blog and you are so curious how many people read it and commented it, or you just uploaded new pictures on Facebook and you wanna see who of your friends saw it and make some funny comments. No, no, no… it doesn’t work this way. Take it easy dude! Your blog, e-mails, facebook, groups, communities, forums, etc., they all will be still there. Finish your most important job first and than enjoy the rest of your free time. Period.


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