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Posted by dokidok on March 5, 2008

Photo courtesy of  gonzales2010Anytime when somebody says bad words to you, use these simple steps:

1. Get close to him/her, closer than normal conversation. Look in the eyes. Stay calm. Don’t say anything. Go away. If that fails, continue with step 2.

2. Question this person. Why? Why did you say that? What do you mean by that? Do you feel better saying that to me? Keep questioning until he/she is totally confused. Don’t let them speak. Don’t give them chance to take over. Keep on asking questions. Who do you think you are (this is a little bit rude, but it depends on the situation, it might be acceptable too)? I don’t let anybody talk to me like that. If that fails continue with step 3.

3. Refer the matter to a higher authority. Don’t loose your confidence and the calm tone of speaking. Don’t raise your voice. Just say: OK, I did the right thing following the protocol and talking to you first. It seems like it doesn’t work and I have to proceed and refer the case to a higher authority. Goodbye!

Tip: It’s better if you talk only two of you. If there are other people around, they can interrupt the conversation. Be very quick. Don’t let the other person to pull him/herself together. Don’t forget that at the end the only thing that matters is you, your family and your close friends (I don’t have friends yet). So, who cares for that toxic person. Don’t let the bad words hurt you. Don’t take it personally. Let it go and keep doing your best this day.



  1. […] negative people in your life. If you cannot avoid them completely, depends on the situation you can make the toxic person feel unsecure or learn how to shut off your […]

  2. Mike said

    This is the best advice i’ve ever seen on how to get into a fight. Better yet, shot if you are in the right part of town. Avoid toxic people, don’t question them, standing close to them and lookng them in the eyes says you are ready to attack. What is this nonsense?

  3. dokidok said

    @Mike: Yep, I can’t agree more with you. It is a bit dangerous, especially if you are in the wrong neighborhood. The advice works for me, but in the settings of not that “shooting environment”. I also talk about “toxic” people who poison your day with their words. Against guns and knives nothing works. The only way is as you said, stay far away and don’t get involved. Run.
    Thanks for commenting!

  4. Diane said

    Toxic people need to be avoided if at all possible.
    Although not always easy, it’s best not to defend, argue, or feed into
    a toxic person’s drama.
    No matter how you react, the emotional effects of their toxicitiy will remain
    so long as you are around or associated with that person, or their words.

    It is better to avoid them all together and find ways to build yourself
    up after being around them..

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