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Posted by dokidok on February 19, 2008

Photo courtesy of mtyto1. When you feel totally exhausted doing push ups, do one more.

2. When you feel tired of studying, remember one more fact or read one more page.

3. By doing one more you increase your productivity with 1 more every day, and with 365 every year. Isn’t that amazing! There will be days, when you will do 2-3 more reps of the exercise, or you will read 5-6 more pages. That means that by the end of the year, you will be close to 1000 times more things done in any particular task.


2 Responses to “DO ONE MORE”

  1. Hi! I’m happy to find and read this blog. It has that vibe of positivity. Something we all definitely need. I first bumped into your USMLE blog. I am also getting myself together to study for all that. I am also a wife and with my husband, we both love to experiment with our dishes at home—obviously I’ve been exploring your food blog. Everything just looks wonderful. All the best and thanks for the wonderful thoughts in here.

  2. dokidok said

    Thanks! This is my first comment on this blog.

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