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Posted by dokidok on January 25, 2008

Photo courtesy of visualpanicTones of thoughts are coming to our mind. You don’t need all of them. 99% are garbage. Can you stop them and increase your productivity.

1. Be ready! When you catch a stream of negative thoughts, stop for 10 seconds, realized that there is a bad traffic in your brain, and shut them off.

2. Remind yourself. Put down on a piece of paper: I am going to be attacked by the negative thoughts (nt) many times, and I am ready for them.

3. Go back to work. That will make you think in the right direction and your productivity will be back to notmal. Don’t forget to be ready and shut off the nt constantly.



  1. […] 3. Don’t loose your focus. Learn how to Trick your brain and body. That will help you a lot. Also, lower your Internet use, blogging, phone calls and try to keep your mind clear of stress and negative thoughts. […]

  2. hey nice tips


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